No business can afford to miss leads - a recent blog post by Mortgage Choice

No business can afford to miss leads

In any business, back office work can take up plenty of time. Yet it’s still critical to act on customer leads when they arise.  That’s where Ubookr has been a game-changer for Mortgage Choice franchisees.

In any industry it’s good business practice to capture, and act on, customer interest from the earliest possible stage – or risk losing their business altogether. Ubookr has been tremendously helpful here, providing valuable resources that ensure our franchisees are well-equipped to manage bookings and their administrative function.

Eliminate phone tag

With Ubookr’s support, Mortgage Choice franchisees have been able to eliminate the whole problem of ‘phone tag’ and chasing to-and-fro emails – irritating delays that can quickly see a customer lose interest.

Ubookr provides a solution by linking directly to your business calendar so that customers can choose an available time and book an appointment right away.

Drive leads and enquiries

Mortgage Choice has worked closely with the Ubookr team for a couple of years now, and it’s a partnership that has given our network an opportunity to better manage enquiries and streamline their administration.

A key aspect of Ubookr’s support has been their responsiveness in helping us build a bespoke process for our franchise model. It involved a high degree of flexibility on Ubookr’s behalf, but with close to 500 franchisees we believed a custom-built system was the right choice for the Mortgage Choice network.

Our experience with Ubookr has been hallmarked by outstanding customer service and an exceptional level of responsiveness from the entire Ubookr team.

Success in business is often supported when healthy working alliances are formed. Mortgage broking is very much a lead-based industry, and Ubookr’s support has helped to drive leads and enquiries to Mortgage Choice brokers. The end result has been a much-improved user experience for both our franchise owners and their customers.